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Flying Crow Metalworks

Wild Garden Coral Tension Bracelet

Wild Garden Coral Tension Bracelet

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A hinged, bangle-style sterling silver bracelet with a round fossil coral center stone, wreathed in silver flowers. The dusky rose and gold fossil coral has a darker "flower" in it's center, with more blossoms half-seen around the edges of the stone. Each sterling silver flower is cut and shaped by hand. A thin hammered silver bangle hinges on one side of the stone and hooks onto the other, with a 1" gap for the opening.

The bracelet measures 2 3/8" in diameter. It will fit a medium-sized wrist with slight movement, and a small-sized wrist with the looseness of a bangle. The shape of the bracelet prevents it from spinning. The stone measures 19mm. This bracelet is constructed of sterling silver (.925).

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