About Liette Murphy


As a jewelry lover, I want to wear something that is different from the mainstream. My designs are rooted in my love for the stark landscapes of the deserts and mountains of the Southwest. I create one of a kind jewelry that is designed around and inspired by the unique stones I individually source from lapidarists around the country and the world.

Jewelry designer and metalsmith Liette Murphy creates handcrafted art jewelry from her Tucson, Arizona studio

I started my journey in metalsmithing more than 15 years ago when I first started beginning jewelry classes to learn the basics of working with non-ferrous metals. I went on to blacksmithing and knife-making where forging out hot steel brought home the amazing properties of metal and how we manipulate it to make tools and ornaments.

My joy in making jewelry comes from working with metal, changing its shape with fire, hammer and saw. I make each piece by hand in my home studio in the beautiful desert landscapes of Tucson, Arizona. I love the history of metalsmithing and the age-old techniques still used today to transform metal and stone into works of art.

I thoughtfully design each piece and often wear my jewelry before it is finished to ensure it lays right on the body and is comfortable and practical for everyday use. Some of my work is one of a kind pieces never to be reproduced, some is made in small batch collections, and some pieces are made to order signature creations that are always available for purchase. 

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