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Flying Crow Metalworks

Flowers Statement Necklace with Fossilized Coral

Flowers Statement Necklace with Fossilized Coral

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A chain of flowers in descending sizes has a teardrop-shaped fossilized coral set asymmetrically in line, with the smallest flower at the end. The fossilized coral has unique patterns in the stone, in tones of beige and golden brown, and is held in place with a short silver bezel and the petals of a silver flower. The large silver flowers are balanced on a bar of hammered silver so they lay perfectly, and won't twist or flip. A window is cut in the back of the stone, so that you can see the lovely patterns on the backside. Each silver flower is cut and carved by hand, and the whole necklace given an oxidized patina and then a brushed finish to highlight the details.

This handmade necklace is fashioned from fine and sterling silver. The necklace adjusts from 16"-18" in length, intended to be worn closer to the throat. The string of flowers with the stone is 4" long. This one of a kind necklace is ready to ship!

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