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Copper Verdigris Cascade Bracelet-8"

Copper Verdigris Cascade Bracelet-8"

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Cascade Bracelet in Copper Verdigris

• 1” wide and measures 8" in length. Can be made to order in any size.
• Hook and keyhole clasp that blends beautifully into the design and is easy to clasp and unclasp one-handed.
• Vivid blue patina protected with a clear coat lacquer.
• Silver rivets connect each link for free movement and comfort.
• Domed and layered half-moon links that move across each other like water to create a statement piece of art jewelry you can enjoy with any look from casual to dressy.
• Ready to Ship!

The Cascade bracelet wears somewhat like a bangle bracelet. For optimum fit you want the bracelet to move freely on your wrist, but it shouldn't slide onto or over your hand. To find the best fit measure your wrist between the wristbone and the base of the palm. The measuring tape should be pulled tight, but should not cut into your skin. Don't have a flexible measuring tape? A strip of paper or piece of string works just as well! Just mark the paper or string where the end meets and then use a straight ruler to get the measurement. The bracelet size should be approximately 1"-1 1/4" larger than your wrist measurement. If you're unsure of what size to order, contact me and I will work with you to find the best fit!

Each verdigris bracelet is a one of a kind. The patina reacts to the metal in a unique way every time and no two bracelets will look exactly the same. The bracelet pictured cannot be altered or adjusted, but I can make one to size just for you! 

*Special care for verdigris patina. The surface of the metal has been treated with a protective coating to preserve the patina. However, moisture can still change the appearance of the bracelet and ultimately damage the patina. You should never wear your jewelry in the shower or while swimming, or store it in a humid place (such as the bathroom). 


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