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Flying Crow Metalworks

Petite Garland stud earrings

Petite Garland stud earrings

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Garland stud earrings: a string of hand-cut sterling silver flowers fall gracefully across a field of silver. Slender marquise-shaped drop earrings in sterling silver are covered in an array of silver blossoms. Each little flower is hand-carved from sterling silver and perfectly placed to make a sweet garland hanging from your earlobes. 14k gold glows from the center of the largest flowers for a touch of rich color. The earrings are oxidized and given a brushed finish to brighten the high points of the design, and contrast beautifully with the gold.

The silver posts are placed 1/8" down from the top of the earrings, and measure 9mm in length with 6mm silver bullet clutch backs that are easy to grip. These studs measure approximately 1” in length, and 1/4" wide. Three versions of this stud are available, each the same size and shape, but with unique placement of flowers. They are ready to ship!

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