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Garland necklace-ss/14k marquise

Garland necklace-ss/14k marquise

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Garland necklace: a string of hand-cut sterling silver flowers fall gracefully across a field of silver. A slender marquise-shaped pendant in sterling silver is covered in an array of silver blossoms. Each little flower is hand-carved from sterling silver and perfectly placed to make a sweet garland hanging over your collarbone. Two of the flowers have a ball of 14k gold glowing from the center of the largest flower for a touch of rich color.

The Garland necklace is one of a kind, from the individually cut and carved flowers, to the unique placement of each blossom. The pendant measures 1 3/4" long and 3/8" wide, and hangs from a 20" sterling silver chain. This one of a kind necklace is ready to ship!

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