What's in a name...

What's in a name...

The start of a new year is that perfect time for self-reflection and I do like to use this time to reset, make new goals, reflect on where I started and where I’m headed. I’m a bit camera shy, and I don't enjoy the self-promotion side of running a small business. This year marks the 10 year anniversary of Flying Crow Metalworks. As I have been looking back over my journey I realized I haven’t ever taken the time to tell the story of why.

Why Flying Crow? Why Metalworks?

I grew up in the mountains of northern Arizona and when I was a kid I would walk to school each day by myself and talk to crows. I got pretty good at mimicking their calls so they would caw back to me. These giant black birds with their throaty calls fascinated me and stirred my imagination. Those private interactions were special to me as a child. I have always had an affinity for crows and ravens so it was natural to want to incorporate that into my business name. I wanted to invoke the mountains of my childhood, the raw beauty of the southwest and the influences of nature on my jewelry. Some of my early pieces were centered on crow imagery.

My joy in making jewelry comes from working with metal. I learned the basics of working with non-ferrous metals in beginning jewelry classes, and went on to blacksmithing and knife-making. There, forging out hot steel brought home the amazing properties of metal and the many ways we manipulate it to create works of art. When I decided on my business name I wanted to be open to all processes. I consider myself a metalsmith, not simply a jeweler or silversmith.

I’m starting this year hopeful, eager to pursue new opportunities, and always with the goal of breaking my own barriers. There are already new pieces in the works and exciting changes coming up, so be sure to subscribe for the newsletter where you'll have first access to new work. As always, thanks for following along!

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