What does "everyday wear" mean, anyway?

What does "everyday wear" mean, anyway?
Moss agate ring and moss agate bracelet as everyday wear jewelry
I love the phrase "everyday wear" when it comes to jewelry--it makes me chuckle. I would say that most of the jewelry I make is "everyday wear" from the simplest design to the most complex. When I make or wear jewelry I'm usually not thinking about accessorizing my outfit. Actually, I usually think about what piece of jewelry I'm going to wear that day and then pick my outfit to complement my jewelry! I love interesting jewelry with unique designs and unusual stones. I'll wear a big statement piece with jeans and a t-shirt and go shopping at Target! Jewelry is an expression of my creativity and my mood. I love this moss agate ring and bracelet combo because they match, but they don't. The stones are interesting in their own right: the shape, the unusual colors of the inclusions, the unexpected depths. They might cancel each other out, but I don't care! I don't think about "rules" when I pick a piece or two to wear. They bring me enjoyment and I don't want to wait for a special occasion to feel good about myself!
This moss agate ring and bracelet are both available, and you can find more at Flying Crow Metalworks!
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