Two classic styles with my silver Echeveria Pendants and Carnelian

Posted by Juliette Murphy on

If you know me you know I love Carnelian; the earthy cinnamon hued stone has my favorite shade of red. But somehow, I don’t have a lot of it in my jewelry. I had to remedy that and these two new pendants feature two very different, but equally gorgeous, teardrop carnelians in styles that wear differently as well. Both pendants are fashioned of silver hand cut into stylized echeveria leaves in descending sizes, and layered atop each other.

Two layered silver necklaces with teardrop carnelian

The first pendant wears close to the throat, with the banded teardrop carnelian centered on the pendant.

 The second pendant wears longer across the breast, with the teardrop carnelian dangling from its point.


Modeling two layered silver necklaces with carnelian

Find more views of each pendant here and here on the website!

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