The Green Cascade-A New Collection

The Green Cascade-A New Collection

It is always exciting to have something new to share! This new collection combines many things I love: soft brushed silver paired with gorgeous, minty variscite, and some new variations on my classic Cascade designs.



I put together this small collection of work as a look back at a design that first sparked my then budding design skills and set my feet on a metalsmith’s path. It took me years to find my way back to this body of work and I have spent the past few months mulling over the possibilities and following new creative pathways. Adding stones to this collection was an obvious next step, and a handful of variscite cabochons the perfect way to tie it all together.



There will be a few pendants, some necklaces, a few rings,and several earring designs to choose from.



This collection will be just a small offering that I hope will launch a larger foray into this collection’s potential!

 I’ll have the Green Cascade collection available on my website starting September 21st at 9am MST. Join my mailing list for early access to collection releases, and sneak peeks at new work!

Oh! I almost forgot! Not really, just wanted to get your attention... I'm also doing a giveaway. You could win a pair of silver and variscite stud earrings! This contest is taking place on Instagram, so go follow me there @flyingcrowmetalworks. You'll have to find my giveaway post and follow the rules to enter. Easy-peasy!

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