Pearls and gemstones: A Collection of Beaded necklaces

Pearls and gemstones: A Collection of Beaded necklaces

I took a hard left turn this summer and departed from my usual path of silver-smithing and setting stones, and tried something new. Here is the result! Delicate beaded necklaces with freshwater pearls and natural stones strung on hand-knotted silk cord.


Freshwater pearl and natural stone beaded necklaces on silk cord

The process of making these necklaces was a lot of fun, but beyond that I truly love wearing them! The beads are small and the silk cord is fine, making for feather-light necklaces that feel like they are barely there. I especially love them for these hot summer days. They feel beautifully feminine with a shorter length that bring them close to the neck, not as close as a choker, but encircling the base of the neck and collarbone.


Wearing a chrysoprase and freshwater pearl beaded necklace

The lengths range from 15 to 19 inches. I have only a few available to start, but I’ve been enjoying these so much that I’ve been acquiring more beads and will soon have more options to add. You can see all the beaded necklaces now in my Etsy store!

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