New Year's Resolutions in April and new Moss Agate Pendants

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Back in January I made a goal to put myself in front of the camera more this year. So far I have posted exactly no photos of myself. That should tell you all you need to know about me...and my relationship with selfies. Hey, just like my five year old I like nothing better than to look at pictures of yours truly! But I hate the implied narcissism of putting those photos out for everyone else to admire, and I'm not really a "Look at me!" kind of person. However, putting my face on my business is the key to success (or so I'm told) so here I am (hi!) wearing one of my new Moss Agate pendants.

Selfie with my new Moss agate pendant

 I made four of these Moss Agate Arrowhead Pendants, and I'm loving the unique variety in these stones and can't seem to get enough of them!

Moss Agate Arrowhead Leaf Pendant with red and green in sterling silver

This one has gorgeous red and green inclusions with little translucent windows. You can find it here.

Moss Agate Arrowhead Leaf Pendant with green inclusions

I love the green and red inclusions in this stone, with it's deep translucent pool. You can find it here.

Moss Agate Arrowhead Leaf Pendant in milky white and gray

The rounded top of this agate has shades of gray with little pops of red and green and the bottom is a milky translucent pool with deep currents running through it. You can find it here.

Moss Agate Arrowhead Leaf Pendant with crimson and green mossy inclusions

This stone has beautiful magenta inclusions floating through it, with translucent windows that allow the light to come through. This stone was slightly damaged when it was being set and I'm offering the pendant at a deep discount. You can find it here.

I'm slightly obsessed with Moss Agate right now! I'll likely have more coming your way soon!

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