New year new me

New year new me

Like most artists I would rather be creating than doing almost anything else, and being in front of the camera is one of my least favorite things. This year I'm resolving to put myself in front of the camera a little more so you can put a face to the name.

Hi! I'm Liette and I am the one woman show behind the name Flying Crow Metalworks! This feels a lot like a group therapy session (my name's Liette and I hate the spot light).

I first created Flying Crow Metalworks back in 2011 when I moved to the Western Slope of Colorado. I opened up a little Etsy shop with zero business sense but a burning desire to share all the jewelry I'd been making that only me and a few close friends were wearing. Once I opened up my online store I learned that I had a lot to learn. Flying Crow Metalworks has come a long way since being set up in the livingroom of my tiny apartment in Colorado. My design aesthetic has changed a whole lot as I traveled around Colorado only to settle back in my home in Tucson, AZ, but my desire to create has stayed as strong as ever.

This year I’ll be putting together a few small collections with gorgeous stones as the focal point, and creating some designs for jewelry you can wear every day for every occasion. I’m starting this year with my Echeveria Argenti Collection that I’m featuring on my website. This collection centers around soft, foamy green Utah Variscite and organic, succulent-inspired shapes in sterling silver. There are some one of a kind pieces as well as made to order items, and they are all inspired by my desert home!

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