Summer Dreaming and my Moss agate ring and bracelet

Posted by Liette Murphy on

Moss agate ring and bracelet in oxidized silver
I know it may seem a bit silly to live in the desert and complain of the cold but I really love the warm weather. We've been having a cold snap here and it's funny to drive around town and see everyone's front yards covered in sheets. That's how we keep all our succulents and sensitive plants from freezing in these parts. We only truly experience winter weather for a day here and a day there, never feeling like it's a true season. Some people miss what they call "seasons" but the desert has it's seasons too, and they're both subtle and extreme. 
I'm slowly putting together what is becoming a collection of jewelry centered around these lovely Moss Agates. They remind me of summer and so I think they're the perfect winter accessory when you don't like the cold! This lovely cocktail ring and tension bracelet are the newest additions. 

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