Hi everyone! It's been quite a while since I introduced myself. Like a lot of artists, I prefer to stay behind the camera, and most of what you've seen of me, if you haven't been to one of my shows,  are my hands-holding, modeling, and posing my jewelry. Here's a little about me ⤵️
I received my BA in Spanish Linguistics from the UofA here in Tucson in 2002 and immediately continued working in restaurants with my degree fading away into obscurity. I was a line cook-work that paid my way through college and beyond-but had no ambitions to become a chef. On a whim, I signed up for a jewelry-making course at Pima College. Their metals program was pretty amazing at that time, with three accomplished instructors in the metalsmithing and blacksmithing classes. I fell in love with blacksmithing, but ultimately had no place to put a forge in an apartment, while jewelry equipment fit nicely in my tiny kitchen.
Making jewelry was a side hobby for many years while I struggled to find a job that would support me. I took court translation courses in the hopes of utilizing my Spanish degree, but it wasn't for me (translating is HARD, y'all! ). Ultimately, I sold my soul to The Man and went into restaurant management. All told, my restaurant career lasted about 32 years, with me kicking and screaming the whole way, vaguely unhappy, and not knowing what to do about it. It paid well, at least, and I kept honing my metalsmithing skills. Covid came, along with lockdowns, and I couldn't do restaurant work any longer. If you'd like a real rant, ask me for details. I started my business, Flying Crow Metalworks, in 2011, and have been making and selling jewelry all this while. I sometimes wish I had the street cred of an art degree, or formal training, but those years of running restaurants aren't wasted; I gained a lot of knowledge about running a business and work ethic. In April of 2023 I went full-time in my business. Thanks for reading a little about me!
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