Dreaming about summer with my brass verdigris cascade earrings

Posted by Liette Murphy on

Beach style earrings in brass verdigris

I live in Tucson, and to say that winter here is mild is a real understatement! For us winter is more like fall or spring on any given day, with the occasional cold snap (yes, it freezes and even snows here sometimes!). We know it's winter because the days are shorter and it doesn't really warm up until the afternoon. But I love summer! So as I was dreaming of longer days and glorious warm nights I pulled out these brass verdigris cascade earrings to keep me in the mood. I love these earrings for their beach-y style and the Mediterranean blues and greens, and sandy golds.

Brass verdigris cascade earrings in Mediterranean blues

These are my petite 4 tier cascade earrings from my personal collection and they aren't actually up on my website right now, but I'm thinking why wait for summer? You can shop my Cascade Collection all year long, and I'm always adding new styles!

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