Cascade Brass Verdigris Stud Earrings

Cascade Brass Verdigris Stud Earrings

Sometimes I get an idea kicking around in my head, and it's pretty darn satisfying when I can bring it to life. I've been making lots of stud earrings lately, and I wondered if I could add to my Cascade Collection with some verdigris studs. The answer is a resounding yes!


Brass verdigris and silver stud earrings

I so love this collection, and I wanted to create a smaller style of earring for those who don't love a dangle earring as much as I do. The color is amazing, and because the surface of the earring is flat, the resulting texture as the metal reacts to the patina is pretty amazing as well!

Verdigris stud earrings with silver and brass

These are all one of a kind because the color develops a little differently each and every time. But that's the beauty of the process, and why you should want to buy handmade!

Find these new stud earrings here!

And shop more of my Cascade verdigris collection here!

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