Beautiful painting, ugly wall, and my silver and variscite bracelet

Posted by Liette Murphy on

Desert watercolor painting and silver variscite bracelet

My studio has the worst paint color on the walls. And while I'm itching to paint them, the thought of moving everything out and several days of prepping and painting, is just too much. I'd rather cover them with something more inspirational and beautiful for the time being. My friend Jennifer over at Girl Friday's Designs has recently taken up watercolors and when I saw this desert plant scene I had to have it! I love Jennifer's dedication to learning a new skill. You can see more of her artwork on her Facebook page where she is documenting her process, and also purchase her work there, too! Find her at Girl Friday's Designs

I had to slip in one of my variscite bracelets because the colors and succulent theme were too perfect to resist! You can shop the Echeveria Argenti Collection to find more styles with and without this gorgeous variscite.


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  • LOVE that the painting is going up in your studio!! Ugly though the walls may be (I didn’t notice), magic happens in that room! (Cue music and zoom on gorgeous bracelet!)

    Jennifer Hamilton on

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