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Flying Crow Metalworks

Plume ring-size 9 US

Plume ring-size 9 US

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Ghostly white inclusions bloom within this large oval plume agate, with the appearance of mist curling out of the dark depths of a forest. Set in a simple bezel and base, the wide silver band is textured and overlaid with organic, twisting forms that mimic the reaching threads of roots and spores seeking water. The silver has been oxidized and given a light polish to highlight the textures in the ring.

Entirely handmade from fine and sterling silver, the stone and its base measure 1" by 3/4". The band is 10mm wide and is a snug size 9 US*. This one of a kind ring is ready to ship!


*Please note that the wider the band, the tighter the fit. I recommend a half- to full-size difference for the sake of comfort (example: a wide size 9 would comfortably fit a size 8 or 8.5 finger)

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