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Copper Verdigris Cascade Earrings-2 Tier

Copper Verdigris Cascade Earrings-2 Tier

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2 Tier

Crafted with an exquisite copper verdigris finish, these dangle earrings create an eye-catching cascade with their two layered half-circles. The verdigris patina creates a beautiful blue pattern over the metal, like veins of turquoise running across aged leather. Each hand-formed link is gently curved and pinned to the next with a sterling silver rivet, so that they move and sway lightly from your earlobes. The ear wires are formed from sterling silver. These earrings measure 1" wide and 1 1/2" in length from the top of the ear wires.

Each hand-made pair of verdigris earrings is a one of a kind. The patina reacts to the metal in a unique way every time and you should expect differences in color pattern in each pair of earrings. 

*Special care for verdigris patina. The surface of the metal has been treated with a protective coating to preserve the patina. However, moisture can still change the appearance of the earrings and ultimately damage the patina. You should never wear your jewelry in the shower or while swimming, or store it in a humid place (such as the bathroom). 

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