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Laguna Lace Agate and Sterling silver tension bracelet-talon shape

Laguna Lace Agate and Sterling silver tension bracelet-talon shape

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A talon shaped Laguna lace agate is the center stone in this bracelet. A lacework of colors in hues of gray, cream and rose run through the stone. I cut a window in the back so you can see the bubbles and patterns of colors from both sides. 

Hand-forged silver is shaped into a comfortable oval, conforming to your wrist. I love these bracelets because they combine the looseness of a bangle with the statement of a cuff. They are so easy to get on and off and won’t spin on your wrist so the stone always lays just right. The tension fit allows you to simply squeeze the curved end of the latch to open and close, and ensures the bracelet won’t open unless you want it to! A uniquely beautiful stone is set into a silver base that hinges open with a wider gap than a cuff, making it far more comfortable to put on and take off.

 This bracelet measure 2 1/4" in diameter with a gap of almost 2". It will fit a medium- to large-sized wrist with slight movement, and a small-sized wrist with the looseness of a bangle. The shape of the bracelet prevents it from spinning. The agate measure 28mmX13mm.

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