Cascade Copper Verdigris-4 Tier

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Cascade Earrings in Copper Verdigris
4 Tier
• 4 Layer earrings measure 1" wide and 2 1/2" or 6.2 cm in length (measured from the top of the ear wire).
• Hand-formed brass half-moons that are linked and layered so they will sway lightly from your lobes.
• Vivid turquoise patina protected with a clear coat lacquer.
• Silver rivets connect each link for free movement and comfort.
• Hang from Sterling Silver ear wires made by hand for each pair of earrings
• Ready to ship!

Each pair of verdigris earrings is a one of a kind. The patina reacts to the metal in a unique way every time and no two pair of earrings will look the same. The earrings pictured are the ones you will receive!

I designed the Cascade collection to move over your body like water. Connected with beaded silver rivets, the layers cascade beautifully from your ear, over your wrist, and across your collarbone. Each domed half circle link is cut and formed by hand by me. I created this collection to explore the feel and movement of jewelry on the body. This collection is available in Sterling Silver, Copper and Verdigris Copper and Brass.

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