Cascade Silver Earrings 3 Tier-petite

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Petite silver earrings. Made with three layers, these hammered silver dangle earrings are the perfect everyday accessory! Hand-formed sterling silver half moons are linked and layered so they will sway lightly from your lobes. Created in my home studio, I designed them to be jewelry you can wear for any occasion: casual or formal. This design has been so much fun for me to explore! A simple and clean design, they lend themselves to a wide variety of sizes, colors, materials and ways to wear them. Check out the Cascade Collection section of my shop for more options. See below for measurements and sizes:

***Available in 2, 3, or 4 layers***

Petite sizes:

2 Layer earrings measure 1.25" or 3.2 cm from the top of the ear wire.

3 Layer earrings measure 1.5" or 4 cm from the top of the ear wire.

4 Layer earrings measure 1 7/8" or 4.6 cm from the top of the ear wire.

Cascade earrings are available in sterling silver, copper, copper verdigris and brass verdigris. All styles are also available in larger sizes. Don't see the size you're looking for? Send me a message!

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