Flow-Silver Shield Earrings-Extra Large

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Flow Hoop Earrings in Silver with a soft brushed finish-XL Shield

XL Shield oval silver hoop earrings. 

  • Approximately 1 3/4” wide and 2” long (2 ¾” measured from top of ear wire)
  • Domed Silver pointed oval with a heavy gauge silver arch
  • Impactful design that’s comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Made to order in my Tucson, Arizona studio. Ready to ship in 5-7 days.

I wanted to create a simple hoop earring that would make a bold statement; the Flow Collection was born. Inspired by my Cascade Collection, I created a simple but striking design that is based on movement and the feel of jewelry on your body. These modern sterling silver hoops have a long oval shape that come to a point at the end in a shield shape. They are lightly domed and hang from sterling silver arches. Although these earrings are crafted from heavier gauge metal, they are surprisingly light. I have given them a soft, brushed finish. These earrings hang from sterling silver ear wires and have beautiful movement on your earlobes. Available silver and brass, and in 4 sizes: small, medium, large and XL

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