Work in progress: playing with moss agate in the dark

Posted by Liette Murphy on

moss agate work in progress pendants with silver chain and silver smithing tools

Today was one of those days where it felt like everything was against me: hour long conference call when all I wanted was to be in the studio, followed by school calling to say my daughter had a fever. Tried to squeeze in some shop time while caring for the sick kid and then the power went out in the shop. Couldn't get the breaker to go back on so... I worked in the dark for awhile!

I've been playing with my stash of moss agates and thought I'd put together some pendants that had a more repeatable design. I truly love these stones-each one is so unique! These aren't available yet, but if you love these stones too check out some of the one of a kind moss agate jewelry on my website.

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